About Us

DEKA MUTFAK was established in 2004 with the aim of high quality and being a pioneer in the sector, and since 2015, it has been producing with the latest technologies and a modern understanding in its production facilities established in a total area of ​​5000 m2, 3000 m2 of which is closed, in Kayseri Mimarsinan Organized Industrial Zone.
The products produced in our facility comply with TSE and INTERNATIONAL QUALITY STANDARDS and always offer quality to our valued customers by blending modern lines and classical forms on the same platform.


Our Products

  • Wooden Doors
  • Bathrooms & Sink Cabinets
  • Kitchen Cabinets
  • Cloakroom & Dressing Rooms

When choosing a door for your home, you must first decide on the model of the door and the material used in its construction. There are different options you can choose for interior and exterior doors. Doors are also included in the decoration of the space, so they should be in a structure that appeals to the eye. You can complete the decoration of your home with a stylish touch by making the right choices in the door selection.

Bathroom cabinets, which are beneficial in terms of maintaining order in the bathrooms, also contribute to the decorative aspect. These products, which are located and used in bathrooms, offer a neat appearance thanks to their shelves. Cabinets designed in different forms according to the size of the bathrooms, the place to be used and the purpose are selected in accordance with certain criteria. One of these criteria is that the product to be purchased is suitable for the size of the users. Pedestal bathroom cabinet models gain variety with different sizes, while on the other hand, they also have a modern touch to the bathroom.

Silver kitchen cabinet models that combine modern and stylish designs and appeal to different tastes rank among the top in the category in which they are placed. The products, which take into account the user budget on the one hand and offer a wide color scale on the other, have alternatives that fit every budget. The products, which vary according to design and brand, are also compatible with other furniture in the kitchen. Kitchen countertops and cabinets preferred according to the dimensions of these areas are shaped according to the budget and need. The damson kitchen cabinet option, which is offered to the consumer with an eye-catching design with oak surface or white membrane, gets full points with its long-lasting and durable performance as well as its quality and stylish design.

Many people dream of having a home big enough to contain a dressing room. A room devoted entirely to personal clothing seems to be the pinnacle of sophistication. But this is only possible for very few homeowners. The dressing room is a very personal place, and for it to be perfect, it will be important to consider your personal style and wardrobe needs to make sure the room truly reflects your taste. A dressing room in a home has a functional feature and should therefore be designed to be useful and useful for the purposes.